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Fluently Bilingual: English/French

Citizenship: Canada/UK


Full Member: IATSE 667

    Society of Camera Operators

    Steadicam Operators Association

Associate Member: Canadian Society of Cinematographers


Degree: Bachelor of Applied Arts, Ryerson

Recent Projects

Drama & Long Format



Full Resume

Grounded for Christmas – TV Movie


     DP: Peter Benison

     Dir: Amyn Kaderali

A Camera Operator

Arri Alexxa

Pair of Jacks – TV Movie

World Joy Productions

    DP: Peter Benison

    Dir: James Brolin

B Camera Operator

Arri Alexxa

The Beaverton - TV Series

Pier 21 Films

     DP: Gerald Packer

     Dir: Henry Sarwer-Foner

A Camera Operator / Ped-cam Operator

Sony F55

Ice Girls - Feature

Possession Productions

     DP: Andreas Evdemon

     Dir: Damian Lee

A Camera Operator

Arri Alexxa

Multi Camera

Jonathon Antoine – Concert Video, Fixed Camera

Canada’s Walk of Fame – Awards Show, Fixed Camera

The Dixie Chicks – Concert Video, Fixed Camera

The Beaverton – TV Pilot, Ped-cam

The Stanley Dynamic – Television Series, Ped-cam

Back Street Boys – Concert Video, Hand held

Mariah Carey – Concert Video, Fixed Camera


Bruno & Boots Go Jump in the Pool

– TV Movie, Aircraft Pictures

    DP: D. Gregor Hagey

    Dir: Vivieno Caldinelli

B Camera Operator

Arri Alexxa

Cashing In - TV series

APTN/Buffalo Gal Pictures

     DP: Alwyn Kumst

     Dir: Norma Bailey

A Camera Operator

Canon C300

McDonalds, Radke, DP: Doug Koch

Gatorade - Hockey, Untitled Films

  DP: Garrett Davis

Orville Redenbacher, Holiday Films

  DP: Alex Martinez

Budweiser-Epic Band, Soft Citizen

  DP: Brendan Galvin

Budweiser-Big Game, Soft Citizen

  Dir: Jamie Rafin

2010 - present

2010 - present

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