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Drama, Long Format, Commercials Multi-camera, Sports, Reality


Gear head, remote head, hand-held, pedestal


Fluently Bilingual English/French

Location: Toronto, Canada

Canada & UK Passport - will travel


Degree: BAA Radio & Television Arts, Ryerson



Since my mid teens, I’ve always been excited to have a camera of one type or another in my hands.  From news and current affairs to drama.  My experience as camera operator over the last thirty years has been on television series, TV movies, features and commercials, in both film and electronic formats.  I also work on live to tape multi-camera projects.


I moved from still cameras before college to a CP16 for news/current affairs, (even processing my own footage). My transition from news into long format dramatic work came with learning to use and buying a Steadicam. I received my training from the inventor, Garrett Brown and honed my camera operating and Steadicam skills by doing dailies on dozens of shows. Throughout my working years I have not neglected the standard production tools of gear and fluid heads, remote heads, hand held and pedestal cameras regardless of the format. After a wonderful long run, I no longer do Steadicam, however I still enjoy working with other production tools currently in use.


I hold dual citizenship, (Canada/ UK) and am fluently bilingual, (English/French).   Currently I'm a full member of the Society of Camera Operators, The Steadicam Operators Association & IATSE 667, and an Associate member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers.


2010 - present

2010 - present

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